Welcome to my website and shop!

Art has the power to transform our environment, elevate our mood, and inspire us in countless ways. Whether it's a stunning painting, a beautiful sculpture, or a striking photograph, bringing art into our lives can make a world of difference.

Art can help us see the world in new and exciting ways, sparking our creativity and imagination. It can transport us to different times and places, evoke powerful emotions, and even challenge our perspectives and beliefs. Art is a celebration of human expression and creativity, and it has the ability to connect us to one another and to the world around us.

So why not bring a little more beauty and inspiration into your life with art.

Art is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their background or experience.

I'm an artist who specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind art portraits.

I take great pride in each piece I create, and strive to capture the beauty and emotion of each individual subject.
Each piece is crafted with care, using only the highest quality materials, and is available as limited prints.

Whether you want to add a personal touch to your home or find the perfect gift for a loved one,

I'm sure you'll find something you love. 


Linda Cohen Cordes.